Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bean Sprouts Sandwich

There is something about sprouting beans that makes me feel incredibly cold-blooded.

They are these hardy little buggers when you first meet. You soak them in water and wait all night until they go all soft on you. And then, more moisture, more tender loving care, until they are ready to sprout into these fragile minuscule little plantlings. It's intense, you know. Like watching someone giving birth. And then -you sit down and chomp them down by the mouthful.

See what I mean? Or is it just me? Did i just gross you out?

Anyways, moving on....Tomatoes.

This might be the time to add a little disclaimer here. Don't get me wrong, i love tomatoes. I love them roasted, cooked, sun-dried, mashed, sauced, ketchup-ed and in any possible form, but raw. There is just something about red, fresh, juicy tomatoes that makes my taste buds want to revolt and throw up in agony.

So, make that oven-roasted-till-they-are-shrivelled-and-dead tomatoes.Dry caramalized goodness. Yum!

I'd had this vision of a delicate and dainty canapĂ©, an assemblage of bean sprouts, dressed down with  lemon juice, salt and pepper, resting on a slice of perfectly roasted tomato. Ideal finger food for a kitty party. Or a book club meeting. Or wherever bored ladies congregate,try to eat without messing their lipstick, and drink wine with their pinkie finger sticking out.

And lovely it was, except that it took me five full minutes to try and transport it to the near vicinity of my mouth without squishing the tomato and dropping my carefully assembled sprouts all over my face. So much for lady-like pursuits.

A quick change of plans. The aforementioned canapé, now sandwiched between two slices of Mumbai Pav, topped with a dollop of -hold your breath- pomegranate raita! The sweet bite of the pomegranate and creaminess of greek yogurt with the lemony mouthful of sprouts -Stroke of genius, if i may say so myself! :)

One perfect bite!

Bean Sprouts Sandwich

Moth beans, sprouted


Lemon Juice

Coriander leaves

Greek yogurt/ hung curd

Fresh pomegranate

1.Soak moth beans overnight, drain excess water and keep moist until they sprout.

2.Slice tomatoes that throw them into the oven at 400F until they are roasted completely

3.Toss sprouted beans with lemon juice, salt, pepper and oodles of finely chopped coriander

4.For the yogurt dressing, add pomegranate seeds to greek yogurt. (Squeeze some of the pomegranate so as to release some of its fresh juices into the curd) Season with salt, pepper and chat masala (optional).

5. Stack up the layers between the slices of a halved bun/pav and take a wholesome bite!

Note:I haven't given exact measurements as this is such a forgiving recipe that you can hardly go wrong. Add, subtract or replace ingredients and flavour more or less according to your taste. It'll be great anyways! :)


  1. aaahh..yummmy!!!!!!!!!!
    i want one!!!
    i will tell u why u dont like tomatoes..raw..looks like..flesh..haahaa

  2. I know!!! And they have this horrible squishy mouth feel too! But as for roasted tomatoes, yummum!